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Best Season for Tour in Tibet
From April to October is the best season for touring Tibet. July and August are the raining season and the scenery is beautiful, yet the heavy rain will cause a result of bad road condition. Winter is also a good time to visit places along the Yalutsangpo valley, such as Lhasa, Tsetang, Nyinchi, Gyangtse & Shigatse, for the day time temperature is about 15ˇć above zero.

Mountain Sickness
One of the important factors the visitors to Tibet concerned about is the mountain sickness, because the average elevation of Tibet is about 4000 meters above sea level. If you have never been to highland before, you may feel a little bit uncomfortable when you first arrive there, such as headache, dizzy, heavy breathing, tired and insomnia, for the air there contains less oxygen. But these uncomfortable feelings will disappeared automatically after one or two days. Those with heart diseases or high blood pressure should be much more careful and better consult a doctor before going to Tibet.

Adapting to Highland Climate
In order to adapt to highland climate quickly, please take everything easy and have a good rest; drink much more water, better not to take smoke or sprit; keep warm to avoid catching cold; prepare some pain-killers for necessary use.

When travelling in Tibet, warm clothe are needed for the temperature differs much during the day and night. Even in Summer time, sweater and jacket are necessary

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