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Banks in Tibet
There are three banks in Tibet: Bank of China, Bank of Agriculture & Bank of Construct.

Foreign currency Exchange
The circulated currency in Tibet is RMB. Foreign currency can be exchanged in the banks there. All the offices of the Bank of China in Lhasa and other cities provide such services. But only the main offices of Bank of China accepts traveler¨s check and Cash Advance.
Lhasa Hotel and Tibet Hotel offer foreign currency exchange services too. You can exchange money into RMB according to the exchange rate of that day with your valid passport.
Visiting remote areas in Tibet, you¨d better have enough RMB with you. But you can have some US dollars with you too.


Four Stars----------------------------------------Address ---------------------------Phone Number
Lhasa Hotel-----------------------------1 Minzu Rd., Lhasa ----------------------0891-6833211
Three Stars -------------------------------------Address ----------------------------Phone Number
Tibet Hotel --------------------------- 21 Beijing W.Rd., Lhasa-----------------0891-6834966
Himalaya Hotel -------------------------6 Linju Rd., Lhasa------------------------0891-6321111
Sacred Swan Hotel -------------------3rd Lane, Ngaqen Rd., Lhasa---------0891-6336696
Xungba Lhaqu Hotel -----------------28 Jiansu Rd., Lhasa---------------------0891-6338888
Sangbala Hotel ------------------------1 Damjilin Rd., Lhasa----------------------0891-6323888
Posts Hotel -----------------------------33 Beijing C. Rd., Lhasa-----------------0891-6821999
Shigatse Hotel -------------------------21 Jiefang C. Rd., Shigatse 5----------0892-8822551
Shandong Plaza ---------------------- Shandong Rd., Shigatse------------------0892-8826139
Gyangtse Hotel ----------------------- Gyangtse-------------------------------------0892-8172222
Tsedang Hotel ------------------------- 2 Naidong Rd., Tsedang ---------------0893-7825555
Nyingchi Hotel --------------------------25 Chuangzang RD., Bayi Town ------0894-5821300
Two Stars & Hotels for Tourists-----------------Address -------------------------Phone Number
Landscape Hotel (Dist A) -------Shannan Hotel 29 Beijing C. Rd., Lhasa--0891-6348686
Sunlight Hotel ----------------------27 Linju Rd., Lhasa-----------------------------0891-6322853
Jingu Hotel -------------------------14 Yutuo Rd., Lhasa----------------------------0891-6330367
Telecom Hotel ---------------------5 First Lane, Linju E. Rd., Lhasa------------0891-6321445
Tibet Guesthouse Hotel ---------36 Yutuo Rd., Lhasa--------------------------0891-6330055
Snow-land Hotel -------------------4 Zangyiyuan Rd., Lhasa---------------------0891-6323687
Langsai Hotel ------------------------Damrab E. Rd., Lhasa-------------------------0891-6326662
Sub-Hotel----------------------------100 Beijing E.Rd., Lhasa ---------------------0891-6323496
Shengkang Hotel ------------------5 Shangdong Rd., Shigatse ----------------0892-8827341
Zhangmu Hotel --------------------2 Zhong-Ni Rd., Shigatse---------------------0892-8742277
Shannan Hotel ---------------------13 Naidong Rd., Tsedang--------------------0893-7820348

Tourists can buy necessities and handicrafts in various scenic spots, hotels and from stalls along the streets and in crafts shops such as tapestries, carpers, bamboo articles, Tibetan-flavor cakes, musk, Tendrilled fritillary bulb, Chinese caterpillar fungus, Tibetan swords, dressings, wooden bowls, aprons, adornments silver articles and stone vessels.

The Barkor Street Market---Barkor Street, Lhasa--------Religious & tourist crafts,
                         clothes, shoes and caps
Chomsigkang----------------- Beijing E. Rd., Lhasa -----------Farm produce,
Comprehensive Market               local productsand
                         special daily necessities
Minzu Trade Plaza---------- Right side of the Jokhang---- Crafts, clothes ornaments
            Monastery Square, Lhasa
Yusang Thangka -----------Barkor N. Street, Lhasa--------Thangkas(Tibetan pictures)
Art Gallery
Tibetan Pharmacy -------- North side of Jokhang ---------Various kinds of
of the Hospital of    Monastery Square, Lhasa   Tibetan medicine
Tibetan Medical College     
Xiamao Gabu ------------ 25 Barkor N. Street, Lhasa -------Buddhist images,
Antique Shop                   Thangkas & crafts
Shigatse Gangjian ------ Qomolangma Rd., Shigatse-------- Carpets
Shigatse Zhaxigecai ----Shanghai N. Rd., Shigatse--------- Articles
Gold & Silver Ware
Processing Factory

Catering & Amusement Centers
There are bars, cafes, teahouses, internet bars, sweet teahouses, and local Langmar and karaoke rooms of different grades as well as Tibet-style bars to meet needs of tourists from different places. Also the travel services can arrange folk singing and dancing performances for tourists.

Useful Telephone Numbers
Local Phone Directory-----------------------------------------------------------------114
First-Aid Center -------------------------------------------------------------------------120
Civil Aviation Ticket Office ---------------------------------------------0891-6322417
Emergency Department of the Region¨s People¨s Hospital --0891-6322200
Emergency Department of the Region¨s Second Hospital --0891-6322115

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