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Nyingchi -- Like on Area to the South of the Yangtze River in Tibet

On the lower reaches of the Yalutsanpo River in southeast Tibet, Nyingchi is some 3,000 meters above sea level. It has a moist weather and a beautiful natural scene. The Monba and Lhoba ethnic people living here have their own unique habits and customs. The Namjagbarwa Peak, the world-known Yalutsanpo Canyon, the Lake Pagsumtso, Chayu and Bome attract tourists from home and abroad with their unique natural sceneries.

Lake Pagsumtso
Also known as the Lake Tsogo, it is in Shoka District in Gongbogyamda County with an elevation of more than 4,000 meters. In the middle of the lake there is an ancient temple of the Rnyingma Sect built in the 17th century. During the Walking Around the Lake Festival on the 15th of the fourth month of the Tibetan calendar, Buddhist believers from Nyingchi and other places come to walk around the lake.

Huge Cypress Forest in Nyingchi
The Huge Cypress Reserve in Bayi Town, Nyingchi County, is a complete forest of huge cypress trees. Among these cypress trees, one is 46 meters tall and is about 2,000-2,500 years old by inference and is respected as the sacred tree by the local people.

Namjagbarwa Peak
The Yalutanpo River has a big turn at the juncture of four counties of Nyingchi, Mainling, Medog and Bome. To the cast of the turn stands the 7,782 meters high Namjagbarwa Peak, the 15th highest peak in the world. In face of the Indian Ocean, It reflects an obvious vertical landform. In its valley is tropical rain forest and above the snow line, it is a snow world.

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